Friday, May 9, 2014

Only in America?

Two recent events that have endured a virtual media blackout:

1.  Mark Jackson being fired from the Golden State Warriors along with the  rumors that at least one in management is gay, Oakland-SF area is known to be pro-homosexual, and he is a minister who believes in traditional values.  Jackson has done an awesome job according to any basketball standard.  And all we here is that he had trouble dealing with co-workers.  Jackson says he didn't have such a problem.  It makes sense that some of them had a problem with his views.  Many people were offended when he said he'd pray for Jason Collins and family in the aftermath of his announcing that he likes men sexually.  Imagine a gay coach was fired in an organization where one of his superiors believed in traditional values fervently? I think there might be a little coverage !lol

2.   Not one notable mainstream media figure had the courage to stand against the mob and advocate for Donald Sterling.  Before this latest episode, he was in good standing with everyone.  He was slated to receive an NAACP award.  No one took any particular negative note of him.  His crime that apparently must be dealt with swiftly was saying politically incorrect racial things to his mistress in private on the telephone.  I won't say racist because his girlfriend is black and Mexican.  He has hired a black gm, and now has a black coach.  He has paid millions to black players.  The best I can tell he didn't want his black girlfriend bringing other blacks to his games, or hanging out in public.  So what?  But the idea that the NBA, the media, and the public could force him to sell his team is ridiculous.  It is offensive.  What happened to "I'd fight for the right for people to say and think stupid things".  It's distressing that there is so much group think.  It is actually scary, if you think about it.

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