Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The new Craig's List: taboo issue debates from the left and the right

These are issues that deserve to be debated in civil society, the media, or even Congress but aren't because one side bullies the other into silence or because of political correctness.
This will be a legitimate list without any bias. However, it will not be a bogus list of fringe ideas.

We can add to this list as need be.

The new Craig's list

Should heterosexual relationships have legal and social preference over homosexual relationships due to their unique ability to procreate?

Should the death penalty be available for all first degree murders? should the death penalty be available for heinous non-fatal cases like child rapists?

Can't patriotic Americans hate the war (any war you disagree with), and hate the troops prosecuting the war?  Wouldn't it be patriotic to support defunding the war, and loving the troops that refuse to fight?

Are races all equal, if no matter what factors are controlled, whites do better than blacks on academic tests? If not, does it make a difference?

Are some people born gay, some choose to be gay, some predisposed but develop based on experience?  Is there a linear gay/straight binary choice or are we all on a continuum?

Are religious people mentally weaker than agnostics and atheists?  Is something fundamentally wrong and missing from atheists?

Should we discuss the foods that others eat worldwide that we find disgusting and taboo in some cases? and vice versa about what we eat?

Are men and women truly equal? If so, are we going to eliminate all gender distinctions that benefit one or the other both legally and culturally (for example men proposing to women, women coaching nfl teams, men having choice to be homemakers or career with no judgement, etc)

If abortion is a woman's choice, shouldn't she be totally responsible and  the man not be responsible for child under certain circumstances?

Why do women who want to be pregnant get to talk about  and have the fetus referred to as "her baby" and women who have abortions don't get asked about "aborting your baby"?

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