Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Anonymous Courageous NFL player

think Russell Wilson:

Due to the unfortunate circumstances of our society, I am forced by my conscience to make this statement on gay players and the NFL.  The fact is there have always been gay NFL players.  While many have had to keep that information about themselves to themselves, and have had to suffer some uncomfortable atmospheres, for the most part they've been allowed to do their jobs just as anyone else.  In recent years, the NFL and numerous individual players have made a concerted effort to make football a welcome place for all types of diversity.   But today I must stand up to say the effort to include openly gay players has gone astray into bullying those with traditional views of sexual mores into silence. And that is wrong and must change.

I am a loving person.  I accept all players of goodwill.   My view is that a person's private life has no bearing on their ability to play football.  So I choose to focus just on that: football.  I have kept quiet my personal beliefs that it is bad to promote homosexuality as a good lifestyle for young men.  I believe science and history support my contentions.  My values are as much apart of me as apparently being gay is apart of Michael Sam.  Except his view and "who he is"  is being celebrated almost without criticism throughout the media, the NFL, and even the White House.  While "who I am" is being attacked, ignored, and denigrated with impunity. 

Many have said to me, just leave Michael Sam alone, this is just about "football".  Yet, they then demand that I verbally support his announcement, and welcome his presence in the league without any questions.  For the record, if my team drafts him, and he can help our team I welcome him 100%. As it should be in America. 

I want young men watching us to grow up, work hard, be responsible, marry a young lady and start a family.  Anything other than that is bad. That's my personal view.  If he gets to promote his view, why shouldn't I get the same chance to promote my view.  I haven't heard one person associated with the NFL or the main stream media promote this view.  In the past few decades, we have focused so much on being good dads without mentioning, the best way to be a good dad is to be a good husband to your child's mother, and that should start before you're a father in the first place.  The acceptance of alternative lifestyles and families has progressed so far that a normal nuclear family is now the exception and no longer the rule.  Celebrating an athlete being openly gay is simply the next extension of this degradation in our culture.

I don't demand that you agree with me.  I'm simply asking you to stop trying to bully me and the millions who agree with me into silence and repudiation of our lifestyle.   Please invite myself and the countless others who have love in their heart of all mankind to present their views on all the various media platforms.

I reject any personal attacks on Michael Sam or myself.  This should be about football.  But if you insist that it be about his sexuality, then I insist that you be respectful of all legitimate viewpoints.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Excellently written. One side screams for equality while they work to banish any opposing view.

Anonymous said...

Your beliefs are not a part of you the same as being gay is a part of a person because opinions can change, being gay can't.

Your words show that you are not truly a loving person.

Joe Davis said...

I wish I had written this, because this is exactly how I feel. I'll definitely promote this. Well said!