Friday, February 14, 2014

Atheism, the new Gay?

Don't take this as a indication of surrender, but I am realistic that the movement against gay rights in general and gay marriage currently  is losing big time right now.  Not only have those in the gay rights organizations, the Democratic party, and especially the media defined the terms of the debate favorable to them, they're well on their way to establishing that the whole issue of the gay lifestyle is BEYOND civil debate.  To criticize a homosexual's lifestyle is the equivalent of being a racist in their mind.  It's fine for you to disagree, but keep it to yourself, and don't take any actions what so ever that would exercise your firmly held beliefs, no matter how traditional, genuine, or positively motivated.
I will continue to engage and hopefully be a part of the solution in this, and one way to do that, is to ask the gay rights supporters, are you THAT SPECIAL?

I've heard, some actually say, that gay rights is the last major civil rights issue.  They believe that once  Lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender rights are secured, America's march toward true equality is done! 

*cue the music*
Hold up! Wait a minute! Let me put some reality in it!

Here comes Bill Maher and others:

Atheism will be the new Gay marriage

You might think that atheists already have equal rights, and there's no discrimination against them; Especially the world, the media, and general society being so secular and hedonistic.  But you might not understand.

Similar to a person being gay and in the closet.  Most atheists keep their beliefs and lifestyle to themselves and blend in with believers who rarely if ever practice their faith.  But understand an out and proud atheist would really disturb our normal world view and daily routine.  It's one thing to deal with normal people who aren't "religious", but it's  totally different with a real atheist.

Every time we talk about religion, even in a passing way, we are offending them.
Every time there is a prayer, no matter how general and non-denominational we are offending them.
Our motto, our money, our pledge of allegiance, our weddings, our funerals, all attack their belief system.

You might say, yeah but we don't force them to join in. They have freedom to believe what they want.
But just like with the gay rights crowd, they don't simply want tolerance to be left alone.  They want full equality to be who they are, and for society to stop discriminating against them.  They will demand that society change thousands of years of doing things one way, in order to respect the diversity of non-believers.  Sound familiar?  We will have to change our language, so as to not offend them.  Sound familiar?

The gay rights crowd has assaulted the idea that we the people both in civil society and through our government have the right to define for ourselves what's good and bad. What's right and wrong.  But they have done so specifically for themselves.  Not for the polygamists.  Not for those who want to engage in incest. And  Not for the atheist. 

By the way, there are even more groups.  What about  naturalism?
We're all born naked without clothes.  No debate.  Some people only feel themselves without clothes.
Why should society discriminate against them when they're born that way?

I say all of this to say two things.

1.  Beware of the gay rights crowd pointing to arguably even worse changes, that make the gay rights movement seem normal.  By the way, it's a close call for me which one is more objectionable an open homosexual or an open atheist.  I think the atheist is worst. I think.

2.  At some point, we have to draw a line, and stand up for our right both in civil society and we the people through our laws,  to debate and define what's right and wrong, good and bad, accepted and taboo.  Or eventually,  we won't have any society.  Hopefully, we can agree on that.  That we have to draw a line SOMEWHERE.

 Once we do agree, I say we draw the line, right now.  Using logic and common sense.

 One man plus One woman is the only relationship that can magically create new human life.  This relationship deserves special preferences in law and in cultural mores that venerate the relationship above all others.   For our future's sake, we should be trying to find ways to make male-female relationships more special, more exclusive and more responsible.  This means firmly reestablishing the norm that being heterosexual is better, good, right, and normal.

 The health of our society depends on it.

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