Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cheerios pro family ad

The only way to get a company to promote traditional marriage, is to do it in an un-traditional way:
in this case inter-racial.

You had to know that something was going to happen when in positive terms a family was  defined as "Mommy, Daddy, and me". 

This is almost cynical.

It leverages people's discomfort and distrust with the gay rights movement while still promoting the gay rights movement.  How?

“There are many kinds of families,” he added, “and Cheerios celebrates them all. We appreciate America’s embrace of this Cheerios moment.”

If you accept the premise of this statement, then guess what kind of "family" will be in the next commercial?  Maybe not today but soon.

These people are sick.  They could have done the commercial with a black, white, Asian, or any other normal family.  The vast majority of people marry within their race.  It's normal.  It should be celebrated and strengthened.  Were this ad being genuine in celebrating the family, I'd love it.  But knowing where they're going.  Not so much.
Btw, beware of transgendered and bisexual rights being pushed for their own sake, and also to make gay rights seem normal.

Democrats against gay marriage

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