Monday, November 25, 2013

udate on Obamacare success!

Better preventive care:  All new plans " preventive care at no out-of-pocket costs. That goes for seniors on Medicare as well. Starting in 2011, seniors are eligible for a free annual physical, which will provide another opportunity to discuss ongoing health needs with your doctor. Seniors can also receive screenings for conditions like colorectal cancer and breast cancer without a co-pay or a deductible fee."

Senior  paying less for prescription drugs:  "The Affordable Care Act closes the doughnut hole over the next 10 years and provides financial help until the gap is fully closed. In June 2010, the government began mailing $250 rebate checks to help seniors pay for their medications, and in 2011, seniors will receive a 50 percent discount on approved brand-name prescription drugs."

Improving healthcare at less cost overall : For example, "The hospital signed on to become an accountable care organization, a Medicare program created by the Affordable Care Act that economists say could be a pathway to the holy grail of health care—providing better care at a lower cost."

Everyone is guaranteed the ability to have healthcare insurance - no discrimination for pre-existing conditions, no lifetime or yearly caps.  Here's how cancer victims benefit

Medicaid expansion - will allow millions access to the state-federal program, many of them were already eligible, others newly so through the expansion up to 400% of poverty line.

Exchange enrollment surging -  The most visible problem with the law is getting fixed at an alarming rate for the critics!

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