Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Born gay except when I choose to be normal?

When a normal person realizes they are homosexual they are now gay.  They are admitting the truth of how they were born!

But when a homosexual realizes they are normal.   They are now? bisexual? Confused?

Look at the story of Chirlane McCray wife of NYC mayor Bill De Blasio.

She is a former lesbian, who has now been married to a man for 19 years with 2 children.

According to the story she is in a monogamous relationship with him, and happy.

The media and the gay rights lobby want to bury these stories as much as possible because they contradict their decades long propaganda.  They are invested in creating a notion of the homosexual as a group born that way who has been repressed by society.  They reject that people  can make deviant choices of how they live including how they display sexuality.  And that furthermore these same people can choose to be normal. 

I don't doubt that some people are born gay.  They would be an aberration, a problem.  Something wrong with them.  Similar to someone born with 8 fingers rather than 10.  We wouldn't celebrate someone missing 2 fingers!  In addition, we don't change our whole society to make people with 8 fingers "normal" and desirable.  We would try to help them live as well as possible, and move one.   But we're in the process of being forced to accept abnormal people as though they're totally fine.  That they don't have the desire or orientation to naturally reproduce and live otherwise normal lives shouldn't matte at all.  In addition, we have  a pop culture that has tried to make "gay is ok" an allure for generations.  We have movies, tv, music, art, that is actively promoting a homosexual lifestyle and experimentation  at the least.  Put these together, and you get a situation where normalcy is being redefined in radical ways never tested in recent human history, if at all.  We have otherwise brilliant people who will cling to outlandish left wing views of culture regardless of the consequences and the facts.

I will continue to present counterveiling evidence, and be willing to debate anyone on what's best for this great nation in the future. 

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