Thursday, November 28, 2013

Espn First Take - phony debate

It is getting irritating to watch one of my favorite sports television shows.  If it continues, I can see First Take becoming one of my former favorite sports television shows.

Every topic Skip Bayless and especially Stephen A Smith discuss, they take both sides of a question, and hedge their opinions.  Who's going to win the game tonight?  "I realize that Team A has a great defense and they are hungry for a victory, and it wouldn't surprise me if they played a strong game, BUT I honestly think team b will win because they are simply the better team".  And what's makes it worse is the famous "let me be clear", that is usually followed by something that is not clear.

Smith has a meme about how the Cowboys are an "accident waiting to happen", yet he picked them to win the NFC East division.  And states boldly that whatever expectations we as sports fan have for the Cowboys like winning a playoff game, NFC champions, Superbowl, they will let you down!  But he won't say what his expectations are, and how this will happen.

Skip Bayless is presented as a bold commentator, except he's politically correct on about EVERY TOPIC of controversy.  Especially racial issues.  He keeps deferring to Smith on "black issues"  and then says the typical "I'm a white guy who's ashamed of my ancestors racist past" stuff.

So get rid of on the one hand and then on the other when picking games, and just pick the winner and tell why.

Be honest in racial debates and stop talking about talking about it so much.

Actually be entertaining and give your First Take.

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