Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Football is gay. Sports are gay. Just watch.

The radicals in the gay rights movement that have taken over the mainstream media continue their pursuit to feminize American males and promote homosexuality in subliminal ways and through "humor".

Quick when was the last time you tuned into a sports talk show on Espn and heard  the host (male) say "Jemille Hill is sexy"?  Never? Oh. Beacause I just watched SVP and Russillo, and Russillo kept referring to Espn980 talkshow host Chris Coolie as "sexy".  And then went on to compliment him for giving the two hosts some pottery for their invidividual houses.

It is disgusting that these quick jokes and stray comments always presume being pro gay and metrosexual is the only way to be. Being normal and masculine is boring I guess.

Mike and Mike on Espn radio make so many gay jokes that seek to promote the gay agenda, it would be a full time job to document.  In today's edition, they both were overcome with hilarity from old Simpson episodes where Bart would call up Moe's restaurant and ask for people like "Seymour Butts", and "Amanda Hugginkiss".    Now to be fair, they often joke about Mike Golic having sex with his wife in a way that promotes normal traditional marriage.  But it is offensive to have it portrayed that all lifestyles are equal.  Their coverage of Jason Collins announcing that he is a homosexual, as well as Greenberg's various comments let everyone know that he thinks it is normal to treat gay couple like any other couple.  He once said that his experience growing up in Greeenwich Village was so thorough, that he couldn't understand how anyone could think differently.

Now imagine, a host voicing traditional values so clearly and promoting his views likewise?

Chris Brousard barely kept his job when he was "outed" as a person who believes homosexuality is wrong.  He went on the air to say that he believes it because of his faith, and then proceeded to apologize in a way, by saying him and gay colleagues are friendly, respectful, and Chris is a professional.  Furthermore he thought Collins to be courageous because of the whole ordeal.

Its a shame a man of faith has to be so careful and present his views is such sterile terms just to keep his job.  BTW, he hasn't revisited the topic again.

Don't think it's just Espn.  It's everywhere.

I'm watching the football game, a commercial comes on for an upcoming tv show.  Remember this is a Sunday afternoon game.  A doctor is preparing to do a prostate exam, and the patient, makes sexual references and jokes about it being a romantic encounter.

Again. Disgusting.  Horrible.  In addition to being inappropriate for Sunday afternoon television.

Now, the networks will put on "regular" sexual commercials but the false equivalency is disturbing.  And the whole topic is defining deviancy down.

With so many women bringing their female perspective to the game with questions of athletes and coaches like "how does it feel to be you right now?" (just asked by a female journalist of RG3), and the open season on gay jokes, and the political correctness demand that we all be pro gay rights in public, and the demand that women not be treated as pieces of meat; leaves us in a situation where the sports media is promoting homosexuality.  I don't know the actual effects on the population.  But I do know there's a concerted effort to find out.

Once again, we need more Liberals against gay rights.

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