Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Welcome to media Nazism

(random thoughts on gay NBA player)
One truly brave person Chris Broussard shares his opinion against homosexual lifestyle.
But I don't want people to think the only way to be against gay rights is because of religion.  I make logical, secular reasons on my blog early and often...

It's clear when it comes to gay rights, the mainstream media believes that gay rights is a settled issue, and you don't have a right to disagree.  That this view is true in the sports msm is startling.  I expect this from Msnbc but not espn, and local sports radio, and columnists, and, and, everybody. 

A moderate opinion on Jason Collins is that "some people might need a little time".  Of course according to the media, they WILL accept him as a homosexual.  If not, "we'll get 'em".

The bold- rare person will say that "people" don't feel comfortable telling their true feelings against open homosexuality because of the pending media backlash.

This is all a shame...

Jason Collins should have kept his deviant lifestyle to himself.  That is a accurate description based on nature.

 He should be judged on the basketball court based on his skills.  Now he will be offered opportunities because of political correctness.

Being gay is not something to celebrate.  It is abnormal, disgusting, and bad. It is behavior.
There aren't gay people.  There are people who live a gay lifestyle of having sex with the same gender.  What's there to celebrate of him "coming out"?  Btw what if he like many,many others decides he wants to date women? Do we take it back? Was he brainwashed?

  If you disagree about the notion that there aren't "gay people",  what about the people who "used" to be gay.  Or the normal people are are now "gay'.  What about the bisexuals? 

There's this rush to claim that science proves people are born gay.  Doesn't matter to me.  We are born naked, and I don't support nudism.  We are born violent, and I don't support violence.  We are born having to relieve ourselves, but I support using the bathroom. 

It is legitimate for me to say I don't like homosexual behavior.  Normal behavior leads to the perpetuation of our species. That makes that good and right.

I might write more comprehensively later.

Democrats against gay marriage

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