Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Democrats need to reverse gay marriage trend

As a true liberal, I'm a Democrat against gay marriage

Since, it is rarely ever discussed in a fair way, here are my answers to some of the questions posed to supporters of traditional marriage and against changing normalcy to include gays in marriage:

1.  How does it harm you?

In a society, what others do, can affect me and everyone else.  That is what a society is.  There are rules.  What's right, what's wrong, what's good, what's bad, what's normal, what's taboo.  The most harmful aspect of the homosexual marriage movement is the libertine argument that attacks the foundation of civil society.  That if you aren't directly implicated, it's none of your business.  This idea harms me and all of us because it erodes the foundation of society itself.  We need society to get stronger and not weaker.  By attacking the legitimacy of we the people through our government or our culture defining what is appropriate, we are allowing for our own destruction.  If this gay marriage trend succeeds it will invite more deviance into the mainstream.

Marriage has a clear meaning to everyone.  One man and one woman.  If gays are allowed to change that, then the word ceases to mean what it did and is now something different.  That change in definition harms me and others.  If I say, "I'm married", as a man, you know I have a female wife.  You assume many other things also.  Commitment, stability, discipline, possibility of a family, etc.  We have a traditional order that works well for men and women.  The problems we are having with marriage result from it being weakened by no fault divorce, infidelity, and modern society seeking personal gratification for individuals.  So a gay marriage weakens real marriages in the culture, the same way if I had a business degree from Harvard, based on attending the school and graduating; and then suddenly they gave the same degree to people who never went to Harvard but instead worked at Walmart.  Now when I present my degree, it no longer will be respected at face value, and I'll have to distinguish myself.

When we lose the exclusive model of excellence, that hurts every normal person.  Growing up, it's important children and adults alike be able to see happy couples who have done things the right way.  Gays being married would be a travesty that we would have to avoid, ignore, and de-legitimize.  We have enough problems today building up the institution, this would give impressionable people other avenues away from what is good and normal.

Gay relationships in public are personally offensive to many people, myself included. That is the harm in and of itself.  We have a right not to be offended.  The idea that we shouldn't judge other people is odd, because every person judges people every day.  In big ways, and small ways.  From the way people look, smell, talk, behavior, etc.  Some things are disgusting.  Two men acting as a man and a women are disgusting.  That hurts those of us that believe that.  The same way I can list plenty of things that seemingly don't hurt anyone that we all think are disgusting.  For example:  if your neighbor ate cats for dinner... that's disgusting.  Even though in some countries people eat cats.  We don't eat them here.  Even if cat meat looks just like chicken.  No. We have a right to judge people negatively who eat cats.  I wouldn't knowingly be friends with a cat-eater.

Every person is born naked.  Yet, we demand through law and culture that everyone  wear clothes.
There are people who object and have a nudist movement.  That has more legitimaacy than the gay movement because it isn't contrived.  There is no shame in being nude.  But the fact is, we should all wear clothes in public!  It hurts people's sensitivities to see people walking in the nude.  It hurts people's sensitivities to see gays acting as a normal standard.

Lastly, some things don't have and shouldn't to be explained and debated.  It is radical that people think otherwise.  Debating marriage to me is as logical as debating whether water is good for humans.

...to be continued

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