Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nation's most accurate pollsters: Obama +0.7

For the second straight day
ibd/tipp poll which was the most accurate in 2004 and 2008 says:

Obama 46.4
Romney 45.7

At the height of the Romney bounce the Republican lead was 5 points

As people who are interested in this election, it is key to find out which will be the most credible pollsters this cycle and try to discern facts.  The problem is that similar to stocks, past performance is no indicator of future predictions.  Though this poll was the most accurate in the past, put simply things change.

But we should remember that the vaunted Gallup poll has had many problems during the past years.
The most often reported Rasmussen poll leans towards the Republicans most often.
Also, that the appetite for so many polls is often satisfied with the cheapest polls.
As always please support President Obama,
and become a Democrat against gay marriage

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