Saturday, September 8, 2012

What the other side is right about

Now that we've seen both national conventions,  and even though I'm a Democrat who votes a straight ticket, here is what Republicans should copy from Democrats, and vice versa

Democrats should:

1. support traditional marriage- this includes making it tougher to get married, and tougher to get divorced. While I am against gay marriage and would support a ban on changing the defintion of marriage, Democrats could agree to strengthen the institution nonetheless, and defend it against the frivilous.

2. include school choice as part of a larger education reform.

3.  promote the power and virtue of a free market to  provide happiness and solve problems better than central planning.

Though Republicans nominally support #'s 1 and 2, they don't actually do very much to actually support them.  Whereas they overstate and exaggerate the importance and capabilitiy of #3.

Republicans should:

1.  support common sense immigration reform- if you're not going to actually deport people (and you aren't) then do what's best and right.

2.  support Obamacare and dedicate to make it better.  If Republicans apply #3 from above in a constructive way, the whole country will benefit, otherwise Democrats will do it alone with too much emphasis on government and central planning.

3.  include veteran benefits in your military big spending.  We are blessed to have such people to defend us, and given Republicans penchant to start wars, it's only right to treat veterans better.

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