Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama and Marriage

Marriage is and always will be the union of one man to one woman for life.

That President Obama has officially joined the forces of those trying to change this tradition is not surprising.  Only the most ignorant or someone in denial didn't know that the President was a radical left winger when it comes to gay rights.  It's not even disappointing because I knew it, expected it, and the President's not the problem.  It's true he could be a part of the solution.  If the President would have led Democrats and Independents to a place where we respected the institution of marriage as one man and one woman while loving all human beings.  If the President had said that at the end of the day, God created man and woman, and that our society works best, and that it works at all when that nuclear unit is functioning as well as it can.  That men need the virtues of women, and women need men.  Also, that it was the natural and best way to raise children.  Beyond that, the President could be the politician and try to find some way to connect with the deviants in the gay rights world.

 But no, he's a part of the leftwing mass. 
He knows that true Democrats like me will still support him. 

Especially when the Republicans attack him, and this issue fades into the background.  In truth, Republicans support gay marriage too.  They clearly are playing a political game with social conservatives that other constituencies, like the low tax crowd wouldn't stand for. It's unfortunate that the deviant urges of mankind has been elevated into a civil right, and rarely does anyone make logical arguments against this.

We need true believers in traditional marriage to stand up and have their voices heard in their own families and communities.  Then to establish themselves as progressives against gay marriage.  We need to not only fight gay marriage, but divorce, infidelity, the feminization of boys, the secularization of our public areas, etc.

In truth, gay marriage is a symptom that marriage has been weakened so much so, the gays can have it.

We need to build it up so strong, that the gays won't want it. 
Imagine that getting married was really permanent.  That all your money you made before is now communal property.  That there really wasn't any no fault divorce.  No "I was young", "that was a mistake".  That in terms of the law you are one person forever.  Your family, your church, the law, everybody interacted with you that way.  You had to go through counseling and a waiting period to get married because it was that serious.  Then we wouldn't be where we are.

It is offensive when celebrities get married for a couple weeks, or politicians are on their 3rd marriage.  Or people who stood up for a couple at a wedding , turnaround and help them get divorced.
The concept of marriage is about a family unit being created for the good of them and society.  It isn't about "me".

What bothers me most is that so many people accept these radical changes so quietly.  This is bad.
This is bad enough.  But I wonder, what would people not accept?

We need Democrats against gay marriage.

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