Monday, May 21, 2012

Craigfarmerreport: things we need to change update

1. Nytimes treating a "gay marriage" like a real one. Uh No. It's an outrage.  A candidate for mayor is celebrated because she's getting "married' to another lady? no link.  Marriage is the union of one man and one woman for life.  We need to work hard to make that the standard and reality.

2. People celebrating the life of those who have committed suicide.  Nope. They did it with former football player Junio Seau. It is wrong and bad to commit suicide.  If you're sick and need help, fight hard to get help.  Human life is precious.  We need to re-establish that principle more clearly in our society.  If you kill yourself, you won't get tributes. Period.

3.  The meme "we take sports too seriously in this country".  Sports are important to our culture, and should remain so.  We play for high stakes at all levels.  It helps us enjoy our life, teach life lessons, and create a great economy for so many.  It's better to have had a shot and took it, than to never be in the game. That's American.  That's why sports is important.

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