Thursday, January 5, 2012

Michael Jordan destroying marriage more than the gays

My commitment against gay marriage is historic and vibrant. In fact, we need more
Democrats like me against gay marriage

but it's people like Michael Jordan who cheated on his 1st wife who is now
engaged to be married again, that have destroyed the sanctity of marriage the most.

michael jordan engaged to Yvette Priedo

If  celebrities don't want to be faithful to one person, if they don't want to subimate their dreams to the union of one man and one woman, then simply DON'T GET MARRIED!

But to get married and then not take the vows and the institution seriously damages the prestige of the concept. If Michael Jordan does it, Kobe Bryant does it, John Edwards does it, John Kerry does it, etc. then it must be normal.  Marriage is something you do when you feel like it.  When you feel something else, you can do that too.  No judgement.  That would be wrong.  Who has lived such a perfect life that they can judge Michael Jordan? or anyone else?  How is he hurting me?

This nonsense has made it so bad that we are losing a generation of solid nuclear families.  We are losing the capacity to establish norms and order.  To define good and bad, right and wrong, normal and strange.  We have  cultivated a society where critical thinking is separated from objective morality.

We need to re-establish a sense of public outrage.
Michael Jordan's next marriage is not the same as his first.
The one with two children.  The one we all thought he meant.

There should be different rules.  Both with our congratuations, and our laws.  In short, we shouldn't respect their union the same way we should respect  Jay Z and Beyonce (crossed fingers?).  Whether it's tax law, spousal rights, shield laws, or just attention, the counter-revolution starts with us in civil society.

Now, if Michael Jordan will admit mistakes and somehow demonstrate that THIS marriage is for good, then we can talk.

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