Tuesday, January 3, 2012

HBO should ban Bill Maher

Bill Maher has once again insulted religious Americans, in this case Christians.  Since they are the majority, he feels emboldened to go after believers in sick ways.  He sent a tweet about Tim Tebow that shouldn't be linked to or repeated.

That's my standard as to whether something is offensive.  If you don't even want to repeat the offense even for outrage purposes then it was bad.

My first defense for an outrageous joke is: Is it funny?  Something that too profane and offensive looses humor.
I pride myself on being a true liberal.  I defended Don Imus against the mob.  I defended John Rocker against the mob.  I defend all types left and right.

But Maher should be fired.  You're allowed to joke.  You're allowed to have crazy opinions.
In a civil society, you can't be allowed to make hurtful and inciteful comments; and then be taken as a "serious" political figure.  No respectable person should go on his show. We shouldn't watch it either.

Now if HBO wants to let him do a monologue or some other type of show? This is America.

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