Thursday, December 1, 2011

Espn: An example why big government is bad

As a liberal and a Democrat we  seek justice and to the do the right thing.  Often that means using "we the people through our government" acting through compulsion. That is dangerous and often bad.  Whenever possible newliberals try to the free market and setting up situations where people have choice.  Education is an example.  While I think it is proper that the government compels children to go to schools.  It is dangerous and bad for the government to actually run those schools.  We need universal school vouchers with the government schools as a last resort option.

Take a look at Espn.  In the sports world they have become like a government.  There is no real competition against them.  They are the only network that has the market power to decide what a story is, whether it should be covered, etc.  Other networks do bits and pieces, but nobody is even close.  Espn, Espn2, Espn u, Espn classics, espnradio, espn online are collectively very powerful in sports.

So when they mess up, they have the leverage within the sports world and the media world to cover up and to distort the story.

Take the Bernie Fine; Syracuse, assistant coach homosexual male boy abuse scandal.  Some people at Espn had knowledge from alleged victims, and an audio tape that backed the claim up that Fine had sexually abused a kid.  Maybe that he had done it to more than one.  Yet, no one tipped the public or people at Syracuse?

I can understand if no one believed the story, but it seems that they did believe it but claims it couldn't be proven in a "journalistic" or a legal sense.  But certainly you ask around and tell relevant people of the charges, no?

Even if I'm wrong, shouldn't this be a big debate?
It's not because Espn has chosen not to debate about their own morality like they did with the Penn State graduate assistant who didn't act properly to stop homosexual male child abuse at that university.
Since they are so big there's really not too many places except the internet that are questioning them.  They are owned by ABC, they work with almost everyone else at some level.  Would you want to have Espn ban  your network from showing sports clips from their shows?  Too much power. This is why monopolies are bad.  They breed corruption.  This is why big government is dangerous.

Espn enabled Bernie Fine.

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