Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What political lie can be told that won't have honest people giving the benefit of the doubt?

All politicians lie.  I not only accept it. I expect it.  How else can one person represent tens of millions of voters, many of whom hold completely opposite views on numerous issues?  It takes a person willing to lie with a straight face. A person willing to lie with "facts".  A person also willing to be silent while others mis-state the truth.

That's politics.  That's how we've lasted this long without political bloodshed since the Civil War.

But on policy issues, serious minded people deserve and expect the truth. But we are now in an era where people like Mitt Romney can change their position about abortion, and have people like Kathleen Parker believe him to be sincere:

Behind Romney's change of heart on abortion

I use really clear and simple tests:

1.  Did Romney want to be President?
2.  If he had stayed pro-choice could he have been the Republican nominee?
3.  Was there any other path to the Presidency?
4.   And what about all the other gigantic policy shifts?  All towards the right that just happen to please right wingers?
5.   If it was to his benefit, would he still be pro-choice today?
6.   What evidence is there that he's done anything of principal and been willing to stand by it?

As long as fair minded people like Parker will accept any possibility as a reason to give the benefit of the doubt to people who don't deserve it, our country suffers.

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