Sunday, December 4, 2011

Do Republicans hate Obama or is it just politics?

It is convential wisdom that Republican in Washington hate President Obama for many reasons.  Yet, we must wonder if it is genuine?

 Because after all they really hated Bill Clinton for over a decade.  They investigated him and his family.  Remember Whitewater(gate), Travel(gate), the death of Vince Foster?, Chinese fundraising scandal, all the names Clinton was called? how he couldn't be trusted because he was a liar? and of course IMPEACHMENT!  As a party, the Republicans that Bill Clinton was unfit to serve, and voted to officially charge him with High Crimes and Misdemeanors.  They wanted the Senate to remove him from office.

In addition, policy wise they claim he harmed the country with higher taxes and more regulations.  They had to "force" him to balance the budget and reform welfare.

Yet,  Clinton is now a model of a reasonable Democrat who understood how to work with republicans!
Newt Gingrich and all sorts of pundits have been name dropping him recently.  All to say that President Obama is a socialist who doesn't love America like , LIKE BILL CLINTON!

I'm wondering did they ever really hate him or was it just politics then too? Do they care that he lied under oath and that he should have been punished or was it just playing a role?  As a democrat everytime I think of Bill Clinton, I wonder why he hasn't answered Juanita Broadrick's rape charge.  Using my simple approach, he must have raped her:  if someone accuses you of a horrible crime, and you don't deny it and attack the accuser, you're probably guilty unless you're hiding something worse that would come out in defense of the this charge.

All of this shows the gap between real conservatives and the professional Republican party.  They pander but deep down aren't conservative.  Especially not on social issues.  That's why we need newliberals to promote traditional values.  As I try to do here.

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