Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Democrats for traditional marriage

We need to stand up for marriage in all respects.
That certainly includes Democrats against gay marriage.
But we can't start and stop there.
We need to stop the practice of pre-nuptial agreements.
Once a man and woman get married everything they own and acquire should be community property.
This should be federal law.  At least for federal purposes.
It is insulting to the institution and demeaning to people who have respected their marriage to have two people like:

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphreys

They got married and divorced in 72 days.  They made a spectacle of themselves. 
This affects all married people because it devalues the respect people have for the practice and the dedication in general.  It ignites and reinforces the idea that marriage is about convenience and personal whims. 

If we as a society refuse to condemn them then we accept this change passively.

By changing the pre-nup laws then the act of "I do" would have serious consequences that couldn't be unwound.  "I have" instantly turns into "we have". 

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