Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Republicans offer crazy tax plans but not normal family value plans

Herman Cain has a "999" plan that won't ever become law. Not close.
Rick Perry offers an "optional 20 percent flat tax" that won't ever become law.
Rick Santorum offers a "zero percent business manufacture tax" that won't make it.

...and so on.

Yet the party that depends on the most religious voters to support them don't promote normal family values' plans that America needs. 

Remember the standard really isn't what will pass into law.  It is what do you stand for?

Mitt Romney has tax plans that can pass into law, and he is being chastised by the rest of the field to be "bold".  That means to offer something that can't ever become law.

Now if the social conservatives vote 3rd party or don't participate in sufficient numbers in 2012, the Republicans lose big time.  So what do they get?

Pretty much nothing.   Written answers to survey questions.

Here's what the Republicans (and Democrats) should be promising:

1.  A constitutional amendment to define marriage as a man and a woman.
This is relevant especially because the two early states in the nominating process both has gay marriage.

2.  pro life tax, education, government spending policies to reduce abortions by 50% in 4 years.
We should put the brightest minds to come up with ways to save lives and promote morality rather than making up craz tax schemes.

3.  pass legislation that forces media to have family friendly programming and commercials on basic cable and over the air networks.  The standard shoudl be that during normal viewing hours grandma through grandchild should be able to comfortably watch together.

4.  Reestablish Sunday as a holy day. 
For example, Pass legislation that forces businesses to close either Saturday or Sunday.

Now some of these probably won't make it into the law. But they show priorities and commitment.

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