Wednesday, September 21, 2011

promoting gay is not ok

We need Democrats against gay marriage.

If America is going to continue down the road of redefining normal then:

1.  Shouldn't we abandon single sex restrooms or at least have gay-friendly rooms?  Otherwise we'd be permitting the equivalent of boys and girls using the same batthroom in high school; men and women throughout life. (answer: no we should abandon this radical gay rights movement)

2.   Is there anyone on the radical left who believes and promotes virginity until marriage? This shows what the real purpose is. 

3.   Is there anyone on the radical left (and much of America for that matter) who believe in marriage for life rather than "as long as I'm happy"?

...more later

President Obama really pursued a "new politics" with the Republicans, as he said he would during the 2008 campaign.  It is to their shame that it hasn't worked.  Let's hope the President keeps another campaign promise to stand against gay mariage and in favor of traditional marriage.  Even though he's given so much ground rhetorically, perhaps he can hold the line.

Our society needs strong institutions that are being built rather than destroyed. 
That starts with marriage.


Rich Rosser, said...

I share your concerns. For $.99 (as cheap as Kindle would allow) you can purchase "The GOP: Antichrist's Church Home" which reflects the perspective of a Christian fundamentalist who sees Antichrist roosting atop the GOP. Mistakes of Democrats in the area you discuss have resulted in a great opportunity for evil. And Republicans will use this opportunity to pull off one of the biggest scams in American history.

Rich Rosser, said...

Here are a few more questions that could be raised. When President Clinton determined that gays could remain in the military as long as they didn't tell---my chaplain assistant wanted to know, "Does this mean we get whole shelters, as opposed to the half shelters army infantry are issued? Half-shelters refers to one half of a pup tent which the soldier snaps together with a buddy's.
Do homophobiacs have rights? Should homophobiacs be required to shower with those who may be looking them over or lusting for them? Will chaplains be required to perform same sex marriage for those who fall in love during their tours of duty?
Will platoon sergeants need to reassign their spouse or lovers to assure intimate relationships don't impact upon command responsibility?