Thursday, September 22, 2011

Talk of Marriage is even missing from Ministers

Michael Waters is a Minister who wrote on Huffingtonpost's Black voices about the crisis among black men.  He used the cheap shot Floyd Mayweather gave Victor Ortiz as an example of what's gone wrong with black men.

He then goes on to expand his criticism of current society with a citation of numerous ills:

Across demographics, men are displaying a lack of responsibility and accountability, gentlemanliness and class. In record number, men are abandoning the responsibility of raising their own children. Cowardly men are repeatedly assaulting women. Men are failing to pursue the opportunity to better themselves through the pursuit of higher education. Not only are men absent from the home and higher education -- they are absent from the church as well.

Yet, he neglects to mention the most important thing:

Men failiing to get and stay married to one woman for life; which is the foundation of civilization.

It's interesting that as he recounts what wouldn't have been accepted a generation ago, he is part of the problem.  The idea that a minister wouldn't take the opportunity to talk about the elephant in the room:

lack of black marriages

shows that the problem is deeper than he thinks.

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