Thursday, September 15, 2011

Democrats against gay marriage

I'm on a crusade to re-elect President Obama and also to establish that we need...

Democrats and liberals against gay marriage

Here's how bad the problem is right now;

Senator Malcolm Wallop passed away. God rest his soul.

He is described as having been a "Conservative".  Long-time Senator from Wyoming from 1977-1995.  Afterwards stayed active in politics.



If we honor people who take marriage vows and break them three times. Two times. One time.
If we accept the fourth wife as easily as we would a person's one and only,
then we have defined marriage downard.  We've defined deviancy downward.

It hurts the institution of marriage.  It hurts people, because marriage serves us.

It is almost impossible to really believe in your own personal marriage as well as you could when the culture doesn't venerate the concept.

If marriage is about "happiness" then marriage will cease to exist.
That means the ideas of loyalty, unconditional support, two coming together as one,  and on and on are diminshed.

They are devalued.

That's how no fault divorce has harmed every marriage.  That's how gay marriage is doing the same and worse.

It cheapens the brand.

Imagine if a famous designer allowed anyone to make clothes with the desiner label on it.

We need to start one person at a time, and at least talk about the ideal.
Regardless of anyone's personal situation, what's best for humankind?

Is it the revolving door of people searching for happiness and winding up alone and bitter?

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