Friday, August 26, 2011

What about female soldiers?

Pat Buchanan rightfully takes on President Obama's racialism in terms of upper level employment in the federal government. He makes a great case as to whether the President will study why white males are over-represented in the recent military deaths. Blacks and others aren't dying at the same rate. Why? Is it a problem?

Fair enough.

I wonder about the female population too.

If women are 100% equal, then why not in protecting our nation?
Why the double standard where women can choose bravery, but if not, that's ok too?

I believe in a truly equal society, and we should pursue it regardless of political correctness.

It is something wrong where white males are being moved out of positions of power throughout the country, but being killed at a higher rate in our military.

Ultimately, we have to judge our society by the results, and not whether any individual decision was voluntary or fair.

That is a solid liberal notion.
Both it should go for all people and all ways.

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