Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Michael Vick rewarded...wrongly

1. The Eagles shouldn't have given Vick a $40 million guaranteed contract with the possibility of making $100 million because he is unrealiable. It's inevitable with his wild play that he will get injured in the NFL because the defensive players are too fast and strong not to get devastating shots on him. While I enjoy watching Vick as most fans do, his contract should be year to year.

2. If dog fighting is so bad. And running a dog fighting/betting ring is worse. Then Michael Vick should never be able to reclaim the star status he once had. I'm not in this camp, but since most everyone is, Vick should not be given any more security than is mandated by NFL rules. Some crimes should never just be "let go". We should never move on. The media put Vick's crime in that category. The general public put Vick's crime in that category. They should honor that and not honor Vick. This is separate from the criminal justice system. This is the court of public opinion. All you have to do is ask yourself, could a reasonable person think Vick came out a winner? could a reasonsable person think I would go through everything Vick did if this is the outcome? You want to know how to treat Vick is you really think dog fighting/toturing of animals is that bad?


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