Thursday, August 25, 2011

media bias...towards stupidity

I generally agree that the media is biased towards social liberalism. I abhor it.

But the media is also biased towards the American people being stupid, and politicos being lazy.

Here is the one article I've found so far that has correctly reported the 11th circuit healthcare ruling which struck down the individual mandate but upheld the bulk of the law:

Why the most recent healthcare ruling is actually good for Democrats

Now, God has blessed me, but I was shocked that I was hearing such negativity on cable news and online about "appeals court rules against key provision of obamacare"!

They ruled against the part that was the most unpopular. That was rather toothless in it's penalties (because of that).

Sure, Democrats argued for it in an attempt to keep their bargain with the health insurance industry, but really?

Why would Democrats care about whether a mandate would put pressure on a private industry?
Most of us want some sort of public sector plan like: Medicare for all. Or the public option at least.

In this case, those on the far left are correct. Partially. We should have the government guaranteeing healthcare for citizens. I differ in that, I would prefer the private sector to deliver it. It was offensive to the Left that the government forced people to buy healthcare from the Insurance companies. They wanted it to be a a tax and spend scheme like Medicare.

My ideal solution would be to open Medicare to everyone at market rates and prorated co-pays.
Then allow the private sector to compete where it can. Similar to Fed Ex and UPS against the Post Office.

But back to the major point. The most conservative appeal court ruling found the Affordable Care Act legal and Constitutional. The most liberal ruling did likewise. The issue is over the individual mandate which the 11th found was not necessary for the law to be effective.

So Congress can fix it with something constitutional or leave the law alone.

Why would the right celebrate this ruling?
Did they try to fool their voters?
Or are they stupid?
You'd thought the 11th circuit found the whole law unconstitutional?
Though that might be coming for good measure.

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