Monday, August 22, 2011

Five reasons Obama will win 2012 election

1. Whoever wins the Republican nomination will be savaged by Obama's campaign warchest, liberal groups, and the mainstream media.

2. Economy- if it turns good, Obama did it. If it stays bad or goes lukewarm, it's the Republicans refusal to put country first. The 2010 election results helped Obama big-time.

3. African Americans, Liberals, and hard-core Democrats won't ever abandon the President because he's black. This allows him to move way to the right in policy and rhetoric without losing the base.

4. The President has an impressive record of acheivements from healthcare to wallstreet reform, to foreign policy, to Supreme Court choices.

5. Republicans refusal to offer a social conservative message. Instead they pander for votes and ignore the appetite for a stronger America. Where's the plan to reduce divorce?Reduce abortions? Fight the secular culture in the media?

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