Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bachmann backs down

David Gregory asked Rep. Bachmann about her past statements against people in the gay lifestyle. Instead of defending and expanding on her comments, she avoided and proclaimed, "no one is focused on these issues".


That is the problem. Republicans use the traditional family as a talking point, as the extreme left wing keeps progressing. Marriage is being redefined across America, and "No one is talking about these issues" even in the conservative party.

Sure they all are for traditional marriage and against changing the definition. But problem: The first two states of the nominating season Iowa and New Hampshire both allow gays to marry.

This is insulting, shameful, and "No one is focused on this".

I think marriage is more important than the economy.
Bachmann said, being against abortion was more important than taxes. Good for her.
What about family values?

We need Democrats to stand against gay rights and for traditional values.
At least until the Republicans will.

And it starts with normal people taking their marriage vows seriously.
Even those who have been divorced should stand up for the ideal.
The most important thing is not to be a dad or a mom.
It's to be a married dad or married mom.
The nuclear family shouldn't have to be defended, but it does.

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