Tuesday, February 8, 2011

when Death penalty could save lives

Man stabs wife while she holds 3 year old

He was sentenced to 68 years in prison.
That is not enough to send a message to others not to do what he did.

Assuming he lives a normal life, this is a slow death sentence for him.
But given all of his constitutional rights, it could very well be that he lives
better in prison than he would had he not committed the crime.

If he was executed quickly and with maximum publicity, I think
otherwise normal people would be much less likely to "lose it" in
domestic situations. That would mean a cruel punishment of death would
be the gift of life to those who would avoid being victims in the future.
I am against the death penalty as is currently constituted because
the process is fundamentally unfair. People like OJ Simpson weren't subjected
to it because of the legal representation they could afford. In addition,
I abhor the concept of a "normal murder" versus "special circumstances".
All 1st degree murders are horrific. Furthermore, there's too much delay,
and the biggest objection is that:
and many in the system seem to not care. (I realize much of the delay is the appeals
process which often gives time for people to prove their innocence)

We deserve a fair system that promotes life by protecting the public.
That means people need to have a strong deterrent in their mind before
they commit tragic acts. There are many rational people who would be
persauded not to murder if it was clear they would be ending their own lives also.

Sadly in our culture today, going to prison isn't
as scary to some people as we might think it is.


As a culture, we need God. We need to submit to a higher power and be humble.
To work hard to be better people, and constantly find ways to love.
We all can do better.

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