Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bring back Mom's first job: Raise your children

Sarah Palin and others have taken offense to Rick Santorium's comments about her being busy raising her kids (as to why she might not be attending a CPAC conference).

We need women to return to being mother's first. Wive's Second. Last . Always.
Especially pro life women.

We need men to return to being husbands First. Dad's second. Last. Always.

Sure there's plenty of room for compromise and modern tweaking, but the leader of the
Conservative party in America shouldn't be saying that her kids won't be the reason she won't be at a conference.

They should be.

Especially when 1 of them is a teenage mom, and another is a really young boy with special needs.

This is a another example of why it is the Democratic party who needs to promote traditional values because the Republicans are failing at their job.

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