Monday, February 14, 2011

Obama:Muslim and pro gay rights?

I've noted this many times, but still the msm refuses to use logic:

How can President Obama be a Muslim and pro gay rights?

The right wing likes to toy with the idea that he is a Muslim to agitate it's base.

Yet, I've never seen a socially left-wing Muslim. A muslim who is pro chocie. A muslim who is pro gay rights. A muslim who believes in the modern notion of "equality" for women.

(btw. I am pro choice. I am against gay rights. I reject the modern notion of "equality" for women but will accept it if they take full partnership for the burdens in society)

President Obama is a liberal Christian. He comes in the tradition of many before him.

However, if you want to reject that he's a Christian, it would make more sense to take the Bill Maher route and assert he's a secular humanist.

That at least makes sense.

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