Monday, February 7, 2011

Will Republicans cut popular programs?

If this is a center-right nation as so many Republicans and Conservative leaning pundits continually proclaim, then the Republicans should have no problem cutting popular programs.

Top 5 programs Republicans would cut if America was really a Center-right nation (it's not)

5. Weather emergencies - Republicans believe in personal responsibility, so the next time terrible weather hits, especially red states, no federal distaster relief.
4. Environomental protection - We can trust corporate America. Republicans can cut spending by reducing the EPA budget and eliminating government inspectors.
3. Education - Republicans used to stand for the elimination of the Department of Education. Republicans can cut spending by eliminating pell grants.
2. Medicare - Democrats cut medicare spending last year, and Republicans attacked them for it!Nonetheless, Medicare is the essence of a liberal democracy. Republicans can cut spending by cutting the healthcare benefits to the elderly.
1. Social Security - not some intricate scheme that hides the fact that guaranteed benefits are being reduced, but a clear statement of purpose: Republicans can cut spending by cutting Social Security benefits

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