Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finally, some back up!

As a party, Democrats need to make the intellectual case as well as the emotional and practical case against gay marriage in particular and the radical gay rights lobby in general. I have done this repeatedly here on Newliberals , but here's some reinforcement:

The Liberal case against gay marriage

I diasgree with the author's willingness to equate regular relationships and homosexuality.
Perhaps this was predestined from the title, but I think liberal minded folks should be able to state preferences without fear.

Especially when the author talks about gay adoptions.
It is clearly possible for good liberal thinkers to think that's not ok.
I for one am against it.
But the article seems to accept that society shouldn't make that distinction when it should.

However, the gist of the article is brilliant, and the analogy to "funerals" is apt.

Here's the best part:

The requirement that homosexual attachments be publicly
recognized as no different from, and equally necessary to
society as, heterosexual attachments is a fundamentally
illiberal demand. Gays cannot be guaranteed all of the
experiences open to heterosexuals any more than tall people
can be guaranteed all of the experiences open to short

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