Thursday, February 24, 2011

Less extreme gay mariage proposal is still extremely bad

The Maryland state Senate is in the process of passing a gay marriage bill that is extreme.
It makes it illegal for businesses to refuse to contract their services for a gay marriage.

This is a good tactic because the argument moves away from whether to have gay marriage or not towards details.

It is wrong to force someone to offer their professional services for this. It will probably be amended and dropped at some point. But even if not, this gives people a target to focus on.
The problem is it's the wrong target.

It is wrong to change the definition of marriage from "one man and one woman" to "two individuals". That should be the topic of debate.

Opponents shouldn't get sidetracked into any other discussion.

I support the Maryland Democratic Party. It's a shame I have to choose between them and this.
I will always be a Democrat because our party is the best vehicle for progress for this nation.

That's why Democrats have to unite against same sex marriage both here in Maryland and nationwide.

Marriage is under assault. Divorce is rampant. Re-marriage is common-place. Adultery is banal. Co-habitation is normal. Gay marriage is a big problem, but it is a result of previous inattention and destruction of healthy marriages.

Democrats can't just say no to gay marriage. Which we must.
Democrats must say yes to traditional marriage. To traditional relationships.
We need to find a better balance between men and women.
We need to help people reconnect with their spiritual selves.
We need to assault the idea of being "happy" as an end above all others.

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