Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ron Franklin should have fought for his ESPN job

Ron Franklin was fired over a nonsense exchange with a female employee.

It was during a personal conservation with others, where she injected her opinion.
He didn't want her involved, and derided her. Whether he called her "sweetcakes" or "sweet baby" or cursed at her or whatever, he should have fought for his job and not accepted discipline.

People have a right to apologize and move on when they offend people.
Especially when the offense is questionable.

The idea that a person can sabotage their career with a 30 second personal interaction that has no real meaning or merit is absurd.

What should a person be fired over?

Making offensive statements that come from a bad place on the air.
Actaully creating a bad work environment by sexually bullying another into dates, etc.
....and so on.

But if people keep complaining about the political correctness as they agree to resign or be fired then they reinforce it and make it worse.

It's our job as citizens to make it better.

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