Friday, January 7, 2011

Thou shalt not bear false witness

Almost every Republican claims some faith. For most, the Christian faith, for some the Jewish faith. I think that covers it. So for all of them, the commandment to tell the truth applies.

Yet, they continually lie about public policy. They distort the clear meaning of words. They put their desire for power ahead of morality and the country's best interest.

I would expect this from the secular humanist party. Not the religious party.

I would caution serious Democratic thinkers though; at what point do you let nonsense sit still. Because to attempt to deal with it too much imperils your own sanity and morality.

Jonathan Bernstein disentangles another dishonest Republican attack on the ACA health care law.

I'm thinking at this point, anyone who doesn't know about the Republican lies doesn't want to know so what's the point?

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