Monday, January 3, 2011

Divine Intervention? not so much

There is an African American movie that is very religious oriented, and has a positive portrayal of a young black preacher confronting modern issues. I started out watching it with my family.

Good thing I stopped.

It turns out it was just less left wing than others, rather than being a good movie.

It turns out it includes references to divorce, pre-marital sex, homosexuality, and three ways.

It reminds me of the the later 7th heaven episodes.
It is dissappointing that there are so few, if any truly good movies.
Entertaining, and positive endings that a person can be proud of watching either alone and/or with the family.

We need movies where the viewer is left with the message that divorce is not ok.
That homosexuality is a bad choice for people, and for others a lifestyle we shouldn't promote.
There are many good aspects of this film, which makes me wonder if there's a conspiracy in Hollywood (or wherever) that demands a certain level of depravity to get a movie released and distributed.

This movie puts people who support traditional values in a familiar position of deciding whether the positive portrayals (of religion, strong black men) are outweighed by the rest.

In 2010, we should be able to be completely relaxed and enjoy a movie without having to turn our political/social detective minds on.

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