Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jay Cutler: Tapped out

My criticism of Jay Cutler isn't that he wasn't tough enough to play on a hurt knee.
It was that he was mentally beat down, and instead of continuing to fight back on the field, which probably would have been a lost cause, he quit. He used his physical condition as an excuse. We've all been involve in situations when we are convinced that it won't work out long before the actual outcome is determined. This could be a sporting event or things in real life like a job interview. What do you do when you realize that "I'm not getting this job". Do you continue presenting your case or do you cut it short and try to end the process so as not to waste time and energy. There's always a chance that you're wrong and you might succeed, but even still it is very low.

So people focusing on medical reports to verify Cutler's injury are missing the point. I'm saying if the Bears were leading 14-0, he would have been on the field. That he didn't want the burden of fighting a hopeless cause. It's interesting because the Bears-Packers game was a strange one that seemed to be a blowout in every way but the score. I felt like Cutler too, except I couldn't believe the score was "only" 14-0. But I wasn't getting hit and having to play in freezing temperatures.

Don't let the media twist the legitimate criticism of Cutler into something else. He gets paid millions of dollars to believe he can and will win the game. He cheated the fans, his team, and himself. Hopefully, next year he will get that message or retire. The money is in the bank already.

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