Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to be civil to a liar?

Minnesota Representative Bachmann told numerous lies in a recent speech.

They are so untrue I can't believe she mis-spoke or made a mistake. Especially since they fit her conservative narrative.

You can't be civil in a situation like this.
Mr. Liberal Anderson Cooper tried to tell this story giving her the benefit of the doubts and offering oportunities for her to correct the record. What this does is encourage her to lie some more. Maybe next time she won't do it so blatantly. Or she might pick a topic that is not well known.

If an honest person is civil to a liar, then he legitimizes untruth and deceit.
The right thing to do is to be bold and forcefully point out this cichanery.
Also, to not allow them any platform without credibility.
While that might not be civil, it is what's best unless we want Americans growing up substituting their opinion and wishes for facts and reality.

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