Thursday, January 27, 2011

Against gay rights. Against gay persecution

Uganda is a terrible place. They persecute gays. That is wrong.

We should treat every human being the way we would want to be treated.

That is why I am strongly against the gay rights movement in America.
That is also why I'm against persecuting gays. I'm against unjustified violence against any human being.

As Democrats and Americans we must not let these extremists define our movement to re-establish traditional values in our country.

We should tolerate homosexuals. Not celebrate their lifestyle. Not attack them. We shouldn't promote their way of life as an alternative. We shouldn't demonize them either.

It's difficult to speak accurately and without emotion. To not overstate the case. To not be extreme when you are passionate. But as citizens of the best country on earth, our task is to do just that.

Daily we are bombarded with enuendo, propoganda, political activisim, social activism, subversive messages, etc. That is why we must be so strident in our opposition.

But in oppposing the radical homosexual lobby, we should maintain the moral values that we seek to protect.

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