Monday, January 10, 2011

Gifford's shooting reinforces why I'm Glad there's a Republican Majority in the House

I wrote on November 3, 2010 that the midterms sweeping Republicans into power was a great election result because I feared for the nation if the crazy right-wing didn't get some power back:

If The Americans who's preferred candidates lost the 2006 and 2008 election, and who are tremendously angry at the success of Democrats since then didn't win something last night, I fear we would we be in dangerous territory for what a Nevada Republican called "second amendment remedies". So that the Republicans won the House of Representatives is a really good thing.

Let's hope my faith in politics is vindicated. We need Republicans to be true conservatives and not radicals. We need a complete role reversal. Stop faking support for traditional values and make real your commitment to this great nation in all important ways. Stop lying about democrats and making outrageous statements that aren't true and only inflame the passions when it comes to healthcare, taxes, regulation, military issues, etc. Stop using violent rhethoric and imagery, and trying to link your views to the founders of our nation in a religous type way.

It is great and even desirable to be zealots about tax cuts, health care, and other issues. But there must be boundaries. One of them being the truth.

Republicans and Democrats should work together to reach the best results concerning spending, budget, tax cuts, health care, the Wars, etc. They should work together to defend marriage and traditional values.

The President has accomplished pretty much all he will in his first term. The second half of this term will be spent defending the very same agenda, reforming it, and trimming the excesses.

His re-election chances pretty much rise or fall with the economy unless Republicans nominate an extreme partisan; in which case he will win no matter what.

In truth, I believe one of the above two are near 100% certainty, and that the President will and should be re-elected. So Republicans need to get used to be responsible.

Over the past two years, the Republicans chose their party politics over the nation's best interest. It worked in terms of politics, thus they gained historic victories. It has created a violent scenario where Congress people are fearful of their lives. I hope this is just the odd moment that can serve as a reminder of what would be common had Democrats won the midterms. Hopefully it will reinforce in Republican minds the need to be serious and the danger of pandering to a somewhat disturbed portion of the populace.

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