Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Great Election Result for America

If the Americans who's preferred candidates lost the 2006 and 2008 election, and who are tremendously angry at the success of Democrats since then didn't win something last night, I fear we would we be in dangerous territory for what Nevada Republican called "second amendment remedies". So that the Republicans won the House of Representatives is a really good thing.

But Ezra Klein and others are saying a Republican House, and Democratic Senate was actually the worst possible outcome.

They are completely wrong.

Now Republicans can grandstand, passing popular things that are bad for America, knowing that they won't be held responsible because the Senate changes,blocks, obstructs almost everything.

But at the end of the day, Republicans have to vote to fund the government somehow at some level. They have to actually vote for something that will be law. This means they own it. No spin.

With Democrats controlling what comes up in the Senate (sort of) that means the Republicans can't force Obama to veto popular things that are bad for America, or worse yet sign them.

Republicans will wind up spending trillions of dollars. Much less than Democrats but way more than they talk about on the campaign trail. This will rightfully discredit them.

In addition, some of the things that need to be done like cutting spending, maybe even the military, at least not advancing a gay rights agenda, and other things are only possible with a Democratic President and Republicans in power.

So the President has a chance to stand up and defend his agenda. Make it stronger, and do what is right with the help of the other side.

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