Monday, November 15, 2010

Obama versus Clinton

I generally agree with the critics from the left of President Obama. It is very frustrating to watch him "negotiate with himself" time and again. It is distressing to hear Republicans say "no compromise" and then proceed not to compromise, and yet the President keeps talking about working together. That can't do anything but hurt the process and the policy.

But there is too much positive portrayals of Bill Clinton in the media. He was a good President that I generally supported but we must remember he was not in Obama's league.

President Obama has tried to do big Democratic things. He has governed as a Democrat. He has succeeded as a Democrat. We are frustrated because it's clear he could do much more and better if he stopped playing "bipartisan" with people who hate him, and do what's right for the country and let the public decide.

Clinton did some good, but much more bad. He lost the healthcare battle with his own party. He lost Congress and many statehouses (like Obama) and then proceeded to do nothing but play defense. He worked with Republicans to the Democratic Party's detriment.

Clinton thought (as I did) that Democrats like Obama couldn't and wouldn't ever get elected. He was wrong. Clinton was involved in numerous scandals, and was ultimately impeached. He still hasn't answered credible rape charges.

I don't want to attack him further, but the press should stop with the favorable references to Clinton at Obama's expense.

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