Monday, November 15, 2010

gay rights versus incest rights

You would think that in a nation where it is regularly argued that people have a "right" to "love" whomever they please, would have tons of websites and information on people who support incest. Adult incest. Consentual.

But no.

I couldn't find statistics, websites, anything.

I thought to myself, this is how it is supposed to be for the so-called LGBT community.

But while they're on offense and on a political rampage, something equally valid (if they are to believed) is non-existent.

Society has a right to define culture. All call claims of bigotry and intolerance are clearly not equal. It's just a matter of who's drawing the lines, and how many people (and they're political power) complain.

Marriage is the union of one man and one woman in our culture. It should remain.
There shouldn't be any concept of gay rights. Not for marriage. Not for our culture.
We can have tolerance for "different" people of many persuasions. Not attack them or demonize them unnecessrily. But unfortunately, tolerance wasn't the goal. Tolerance is taken as weakness. A willingness to support civil unions is just a stepping stone to acceptance, even forced agreement.

We need to do better as a culture.
We need to rebuild the pillars of marriage, and put the deviancy back where it belongs, where it's hard to find, like I started out talking about incest.

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