Friday, November 5, 2010

Nancy Pelosi on the right track again

Throughout the first two years of the Obama Presidency, Speaker Pelosi has been the commanding general winning the battles that are good for this nation. The list of accomplishments that have passed the House of Representatives (many of them into law) is impressive.

Contrary to the Conventional Wisdom, for Democrats to win power back in the House, Democrats need to become better at Politics. More strident. They can't allow Republicans to be on offense politically. We've spent two years on offense policy wise, then on defense to pass the bill by convincing moderates and conservatives in our party to go along. Well many of them have lost. In the House, we have no power left. The answer is to be bold and get our side motivated. Don't help the Republicans with anything. Stand for what is right and fight for it.
Strong and Wrong defeated Weak and Right in this week's election.

Nancy Pelosi always stood for Strong and Right but had to deal with others including the President.

Starting with this tax debate. Ms. Pelosi should resume her role as leader with the pride of her acheivements, ready to defend them, and win back the House.

We lost this election because our voters didn't vote. According to one poll, the electorate that voted evenly for Obama and McCain in 2008, that about a 7 point enthusiasm gap. You don't win that back by being more moderate. The independents went for Republicans because they were basically Republican indepedents. Sure there was some slippage, but I account for this by the narrative. Once you lose entusiasm on your side, the momentum goes with the winners.

Nancy Pelosi understands this.
We're the better for it.

btw. I'm not ignoring the negative things that Democrats do in terms of supporting gay rights. It's a shame and part of the mission of this blog is to change it. But the Democratic Party is better for America than the Republicans. Conservatives could change that if they effectively fought the left wing on cultural issues, but Republicans seem to only use them to win elections. So it's left up to us to make tough political choices.

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