Friday, November 5, 2010

Are Republicans evil?

Imagine a Democrat, especially a really left leaning liberal who was on his way out of office, wishing and others promoting the idea that because of a potential election contest, he can sign bills that otherwise wouldn't get done?

Mark Dayton, a liberal Democrat is leading the Minnesota election count by over 9,000 votes. But Republicans are protesting the process. With a newly Republican legislature awaiting, there's an article about how Tim Pawlenty, the outgoing governor, might finally get to sign legislation from Republicans.

Maybe they're not that serious, but I'm not sure.

I'm positive that even the suggestion from our side would be met with outrage.

Democrats seem to be more honest than Republicans.
The GOP are generally thought of as being Christians, but their actions belie that.

The last 2 mayors of New York City, both Republicans tried to stay on longer than the law aloud.
Guiliani after 9/11, and Bloomberg actually got the law changed to run for a third term.

The Republicans tried to pressure Al Gore out of a Presidential election where he got more votes. If Bush had more votes than Gore, there would have been an outcry about the failure of the system, and how Gore was illegitimate.

Conservatives on the Supreme Court regularly are judicial activists by trying to advance their political agenda irregardless of the Constitution or the law. (See Bush v Gore, See Citizens United)

This take no prisoners attitude towards government, and trying to trick the American people is evil.

It extends to the current Congress that lied for two years in order to get back into power. Congratulations it worked, sort of. The House is now run by Republicans.

It's wrong. This should be an honest debate of ideas.

It got so bad that I actually feared for the country if Republicans didn't win this year. These lies are riling people up into a frenzy. Hopefully this will simmer down, and the Republicans will find religion.

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