Saturday, November 27, 2010

Land of Divorce

It's clear we need:
Democrats against Gay Marriage and
Liberals against same sex Marriage

but one of the root causes as to why the idea of homosexuals (not) having equal rights is that we have allowed marriage to dissipate in our culture. America has become the land of Divorce. Really, no marriage dissolution shocks us whether it's:

Al Gore - divorce from Tipper Gore
Tony Parker - getting a divorce from Eva Longoria
Ahmad Rashad - divorced from Felisha; after their public romance
Michael Jordan - divorced from Juanita after 17 years
Mark Sanford - governor of South Carolina

....of course:
Tiger Woods

There were some we expected like:

Britney Spears
Newt Gingrich's second divorce

...and on and on.

We need to re-build the social stigma of divorce. Right away everyone thinks "what about if there's abuse"?

But we're talking about lifestyle choices. About people "growing apart". About infidelity.

For the sake of a healthy society, we need to re-claim the Land of Marriage.

We've devalued the holy union so much that gays want to be included.
That should tell you all there needs to be known.

I realize it's difficult for many people to change their personal thinking, but at least going forward we can establish some principles.

When you go to a wedding, those two people are now a couple. Your job as a friend and an American is to put social pressure on them to stay that way, and help them prosper. Make sure the advice you give goes towards helping. Make sure the comfort you give is a part of the solution. Make sure your friendship leads them together and not enticing them to lead separate lives. If you are divorced don't try to spread that sentiment, counsel ways that your experience can help strengthen their marriage. If yours didn't work, that doesn't mean theirs is doomed also.

If you're reading this thinking, I'm not going to do these things, then don't go to the wedding, and participate in the public sanctioning of marriage. Stay out of it completely. Be friends with them as individuals. Let them know, I'm not going to help keep you two stay together. We need to demand that people make a lifetime commitment and hold them accountable. We've seen the consequences of our failure: poverty, abuse, unhappiness, uneducated children, societal breakdown, etc.

We have to turn this ship around. It can be done one person at a time.

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