Friday, September 10, 2010

Will Smith's daughter trying out music

This story about Willow Smith, the daughter of famous rapper/actor Will Smith and Jada Pinkett got me to thinking about their marriage. They have been a pretty good role model for folks over these past 13 years.

Problem is, Will Smith is divorced. His story is that he got married too young.
As a society, we need to enact laws and mores that discourage this and promote healthy, and long-lasting marriages.

We need an "abstinence is cool" message from a group of artists/actors/etc. that are truly on the cutting edge.

What if the government paid entertainers to be virgins? To wait until they are married to have sex?

We spend money on so much, why not try it?

If only, Will and Jada could have been each other's first love and first marriage?

Well, at this point, right now, for now, I'll accept it.

The kid's music isn't bad.

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